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Your kitten is completely weaned, and has been eating ________ canned food ____ times a day. There is also __________ dry food available at all times, and, of course, plenty of fresh water. Please introduce the kitten to any new foods gradually to avoid upsetting its stomach. New foods should be mixed with the food the kitten is currently eating, gradually adding more of the new food and less of the old until the kitten is eating the new food exclusively.
Treats won't hurt the kitten's health so long as they don't exceed 10% of the diet. If you make a regular habit of giving a treat after you finish eating, the kitten will learn to look forward to it and won't bother you, your family, or your guests while you eat, but will wait patiently.

Contrary to popular belief, cow's milk often isn't good for cats, as most can't digest it properly, and consequently get diarrhea.

We recommend metal or china dishes. Plastic dishes can harbor germs in the surface which can cause a condition known as feline acne. Feline acne is small pimples on the chin, which cause swelling and discomfort, and can be very difficult to clear up. If this problem arises, consult your vet for the best method of treatment.

Please heat up any refrigerated food before feeding it to the kitten (food should be served at room temperature). If you heat food in the microwave, be sure to stir it up thoroughly before offering it to the kitten. Microwaves tend to get food very hot in some places, and not hot at all in others, and you don't want the kitten to burn its mouth.


excerpt from an article originally written by Trish Simpson